Tag: Succession Planning

Strategic Planning

People who engage in strategic planning put together a portfolio of services that protect assets and transfer wealth at the end of life. Taking time to plan ahead can reduce estate taxes and ensure heirs receive inheritance without having to endure probate. If you’re like most, you feel overwhelmed by the task of strategic income […]

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Succession Planning

Every business owner should engage in succession planning and prepare for the future of their company. This strategy is needed to identify key personnel who will take over at a later time and ensure the company continues to grow when senior management retires or moves on. Owners who engage in succession planning have a much […]

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Asset Protection

Any person who owns property or a business needs to engage in asset protection strategies. Otherwise, assets they have worked years to acquire could be taken away in the event of a liability or personal injury lawsuit. Establishing asset protection not only safeguards property, but also provides peace of mind. Unfortunately, we live in a […]

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Asset Management

Engaging in asset management practices is essential for every business owner. Regardless if your organization has real property such as buildings or land, or intangible items such as intellectual property; everything needs to be safeguarded through some sort of planning. Establishing adequate asset management plans is crucial for ensuring future growth and profits. The initial […]

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