Family Law Attorneys

Family law attorneys specialize in legal issues related to families such as marriage, divorce, adoption, and guardianship. These lawyers also are needed when a person wants to change their legal name, establish a living trust, or if minor children get in trouble with the law.

It’s best to work with family law attorneys that put you at ease and address your concerns and questions. It’s also best to work with lawyers that specialize in the field of work required. For example, some law firms specialize in adoptions, while others specialize in estate planning or representing juveniles that have been arrested.

When possible take time to interview lawyers before hiring them. Most law firms provide complimentary consultations to meet with prospective clients and discuss their case. Others charge a nominal fee for meet-and-greet consultations.

When legal matters are simple, such as name changes, it is typically less costly to hire lawyers that don’t specialize in a specific field. Specialists nearly always charge higher rates than lawyers that handle less-intense matters.

For many people, legal fees are almost as frightening as the legal case they are experiencing. While it is true hiring lawyers can be costly, there are ways to lessen associated costs. Organization is a key factor.

It is helpful to setup a filing system to keep track of legal documents and correspondence. The first thing is to locate and file all documents pertaining to the case. When scheduling consultation appointments request a list of items the attorney requires for the meeting.

Along with required documents, bring a list of any questions or concerns. Prepare a synopsis of the issue and the outcome you want. Lawyers will ask for additional information if it’s needed. Pinpointing the key elements expedites the meeting and can help you decide if the lawyer is right for you.

Finding a good lawyer is especially important for cases that require a lot of interaction. When legal matters extend for long periods of time the last thing you want is to work with a law firm that isn’t meeting your needs. Lengthy cases often involve the entire law firm team. If your case necessitates spending considerable time with the lawyer it can be helpful to meet all staff members that will work on your case during the initial consultation.

One of the easiest ways to find family law attorneys is through referrals. Others include the American Bar Association, telephone directories, and the Internet. People that can’t afford legal counsel might qualify for pro bono work. TheABAis a good source for locating pro bono law firms.

When meeting lawyers be certain to discuss fees and retainers. Rates are normally calculated at an hourly rate, flat rate, or combination of both. Clients are responsible for incidental fees such as court filing fees, photocopying documents, postage, and employee wages.

Retainers are a down payment to secure legal services. People that require one-time transactions, like executing a power of attorney, don’t pay a retainer. Instead, this is used for extended cases. Retainer amounts vary by law firm, but usually hover around 25 percent of expected expenses.

Taking time to interview attorneys and discuss the case and anticipated fees can alleviate a lot of stress. At Craton, Switzer and Tokar we strive to offer every client a personal experience that sets their mind at ease while delivering positive results.

If you are in need of family law attorneys in Orange County California we invite you to contact us to arrange a consultation. If you are in need of information pertaining to estate planning, retirement planning, and asset management visit our family law blog.