Category: Probate

Probate Wills

A probate Will refers to estates where the decedent engaged in estate planning, but didn’t take steps to avoid probate. This procedure is required to validate the last Will and identify assets owned by the decedent so their estate can be settled. The probate Will provides written directives to designate a personal representative to handle […]

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Probate Court

A lot of people become confused about probate court and the processes required for estate settlement. While it’s usually best to work with an attorney who specializes in estate planning and trusts, individuals can reconcile estates of their loved one as long as they are designated as the personal representative in the decedent’s last will […]

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Probate refers to the legal protocol used in theU.S. to validate and settle decedent estates. There are two methods used which include ‘testate’ and ‘intestate’. Testate is utilized when a person has executed a last will and testament, while intestate is used when a person does not write a Will. Most people don’t enjoy probate, […]

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