Case Studies

Barbara T

Family Trust

In 2009 we hired Craton & Switzer to help fix a complicated and messy family trust issue. They worked their way through many issues in a timely, professional manner, and we received all of the money in the trust. Thanks Craton & Switzer!

Chris T


Craton & Switzer helped us through trying times after the death of my father. They guided us through these difficult times of need and answered all of my questions. They made us feel comfortable and assured that they were taking care of my father’s probate efficiently and in a timely manner. I would recommend them with confidence to my closest friends and family and knowing that they would have the same experience that I had.

Simon V


We have been using the services of Craton & Switzer for all of our corporate needs since 1999. It’s wonderful to know that when there are tasks that need to be accomplished, they are the law firm that takes care of everything, and we don’t have to worry about it. Our philosophy is to only work with vendors who make our lives easier and more productive. Craton & Switzer is the law firm that does it all for us!