Family Law Attorneys

Family law attorneys handle a variety of legal issues connected to families. They can help people with simple tasks, like making a legal name change, to complex issues such as divorce or criminal charges involving minor children.

Anyone that needs services of family law attorneys on a long-term basis should meet with several law firms to find a good fit. Dealing with complex legal issues is hard, so it’s best to work with lawyers that are responsive to concerns and willing to answer questions.

Some legal cases are frightening or intimidating, so take time to find lawyers that put you at ease. When special circumstances are involved it can be helpful to work with lawyers that have expertise with the type of case.

For instance, if a person wants to adopt a child from another country they would want to work with a family law attorney experienced with international adoptions.

Divorcing couples with children need to hire family law divorce attorneys to establish child custody and support payments.

People that want to pass along inheritance gifts to relatives or those needing help settling a family members estate would hire estate planning family attorneys.

Unfortunately, divorce is one of the top reasons people hire family lawyers. Divorce attorneys can help with legal separations, child custody, child and spousal support, equitable distribution, and out of court agreements. They can also help establish a child trust fund as part of divorce decrees.

Lawyers that specialize in specific fields typically charge higher fees than law firms that offer a variety of services. It there isn’t need to hire specialists work with experienced family lawyers instead.

Oddly enough, the number of people that hire lawyers to create prenuptial agreements is almost as many as those filing for divorce. Protecting assets brought into a marriage has become a top priority for many couples and lawyers are writing a record number of contracts outlining what couples receive if their wedding bliss turns into divorce.

A second leading reason for hiring family attorneys is helping to reconcile probate estates. Settling the estate of a loved one is a difficult process even in the best of circumstances. People that set up estate planning methods will ease burdens for estate agents. Otherwise, relatives will need to hire a lawyer to help them get through the probate process.

Other areas of family law include: establishing paternity; termination of parental rights; child neglect; and protection from child or spousal abuse.

Family law is amongst one of the most emotional fields because children are often involved. Lawyers witness a lot of anger and hostility between divorcing couples, and often find their hands are tied when it comes to domestic violence.

While family law adoption lawyers get to participate in happy events of uniting children with new parents, there is often a lot of heartache when adoptions don’t work out.

Since many family law situations are stressful it’s important to work with a good law firm that will provide top-notch representation. Taking time to find a lawyer that you respect, trust, and feel comfortable with will eliminate a lot of stress.

Craton and Switzer provide family law services related to estate planning, property agreements, and power of attorney forms within the Southern California region. We strive to ensure our clients have a positive experience and obtain a good understanding of how their case is being handled.

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