Author: Curt Craton

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney assigns permission to someone to perform certain duties for another individual. This form is frequently utilized with estate planning and is also used to enable an individual to make medical choices when a person can no longer speak for their self. Giving power of attorney privileges is a very important decision that […]

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Probate refers to the legal protocol used in theU.S. to validate and settle decedent estates. There are two methods used which include ‘testate’ and ‘intestate’. Testate is utilized when a person has executed a last will and testament, while intestate is used when a person does not write a Will. Most people don’t enjoy probate, […]

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Estate Tax

Estate tax is an issue that is frequently debated. It’s also a topic that is often misunderstood. There are several types of taxes that are associated with decedent estates. In addition to taxes against estate assets, there are also gift, inheritance, income, and generation skipping taxes. Federal estate tax is imposed when the estate value […]

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