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Business Law

Business law affects every company regardless of its size or type of entity. Companies that fail to become familiar with these laws can face stiff penalties or even jail time for non-compliance. Therefore, it is vital to understand which laws apply to your business long before opening the doors. Business law encompasses many venues including: advertising, privacy, disclosure, copyrights and…

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Family Trusts

Family trusts are a valuable estate planning strategy that allows individuals to control what happens to their assets during their lifetime and upon death. Furthermore, property held in trusts is exempt from probate and can be quickly passed along to family members. It isn't hard to arrange family trusts, but the process takes a little time. Individuals need to gather…

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Family Law Attorneys

Family law attorneys specialize in legal issues related to families such as marriage, divorce, adoption, and guardianship. These lawyers also are needed when a person wants to change their legal name, establish a living trust, or if minor children get in trouble with the law. It's best to work with family law attorneys that put you at ease and address…

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