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At Craton, Switzer & Tokar LLP we represent individuals and businesses in all aspects of transactional and litigation matters. This includes business formations, contracts, loan documentation, collections, real estate law, divorce and child custody matters, estate planning, probate and trust administration, and litigation related to these areas. We focus our experience to address our clients’ legal needs through innovative solutions at competitive rates. With over 60 years of combined legal experience our staff is dedicated to personalized legal representation that goes beyond formula products and inaccessible attorneys. Understanding your needs and goals are our best means to providing quality, client centered legal services. To facilitate this, we stay abreast of cutting edge information technology and communications.

For our individual clients, we focus on helping you and your family create effective tools to protect your assets during your lifetime and to provide for your loved ones thereafter. Included in this practice are full estate planning services including formation of trusts, powers of attorney, advanced health care directives, property agreements, wills as needed, and a range of advanced estate planning tools as applicable. Our firm also provides full service administration of trust estates and probate administration after the passing of family members or friends. Our litigators are able to represent clients in pursuing or defending matters of estate related disputes, trust accounting matters, and probate disputes.

Our family law practice assists our individual clients to prepare for marriage and family planning by preparation of premarital and post marital agreements. When necessary, we assist our individual clients to a personalize, cost effective resolution to ending a marriage and resolving matters of child custody and spousal support. Our family law practice focuses on efficiency and expense reduction techniques, such as marital settlement agreements and mediation, where appropriate and effective to meet our client’s goals. Further, skilled representation in divorce matters, can help keep on going businesses operational and the individual principles best protected during the process.

For our business clients, we provide legal services to form, operate, and maintain business entities of all types including, limited liability companies and corporations. We will work with you to ensure that your business entity best meets your ongoing needs and provides you with the best tools for liability protection. We will provide guidance and tools to help make the role of maintaining the legal requisites of your business entity as simple and efficient as possible. As challenges arise while in business, our staff can often help with questions regarding leasing, contract disputes and collection matters. With select civil litigation services, we are able to represent clients in pursuing or defending contract disputes between your business and its customers or vendors.

With the benefit of our combined legal experience, our staff at Craton, Switzer & Tokar LLP is dedicated to personalized legal representation that goes beyond formula products and inaccessible attorneys. Understanding your needs and goals are our best means to providing quality, specialized legal services and guidance.

Protection of your expressed interests and goals, Preservation of your legacy and assets, and Resolution of any disputes that arise in your businesses or relationships remains our mission. We welcome your calls with inquiries about our services and expertise.

Our Services

Business Law

Business law affects every company regardless of its size or type of entity. Companies that fail to become familiar with these laws can face stiff penalties or even jail time for non-compliance. Therefore, it is vital to understand which laws apply to your business long before opening the doors.

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Trusts & Estates

Estate planning is one of the more important aspects of life planning. The process involves executing legal documents that provide directives regarding inheritance gifts and estate settlement procedures to ensure relatives are looked after upon death.

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Family Law

Family trusts are a valuable estate planning strategy that allows individuals to control what happens to their assets during their lifetime and upon death. Furthermore, property held in trusts is exempt from probate and can be quickly passed along to family members.

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